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Release Details
Title: Frosted glass ep
Release Date: 19th August 2005
Label: Kahvi Collective
Cat No: #156 (Release 89)
Tracks: Crawl back under
Frosted glass
Trying to be
Sacred Valley(Ollyantaytambo)speaker
Frosted glass


REVIEW of "Frosted Glass " EP
Translated from Original French Review
If you listen to the first track on Cold Room's Radio playlist you'll discover the title track from this excellent EP, released this summer on the 'Kahvi Collective' netlabel (anyone curious will have downloaded the other tracks on this EP, and those still more curious will have found "Milk and three" the other downloadable EP at Kahvi too)..."

"... the five tracks on this EP oscillate between hypnotic electronica and environments; if "Crawl back under" and "Frosted glass" leave you a fresh and bitter taste on the palate, the three following titles are slightly sweetened. Soft and refreshing at the same time like a mint..

Download here:

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REVIEW (In French) of "Frosted Glass " EP
Etherreal - 26/08/05

REVIEW of "Frosted Glass " EP
kahvi - 19/08/05

"Its oldskool vibes aplenty with this five track ep, ranging from very orbital-esque melodies to those off key leads we all know and love. quality production throughout, a different feeling for each track and as usual, the delectable mint style."

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