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Release Details
Title: Manmade nature ep
Release Date: 27th December 2004
Label: Boltfish Recordings
Cat No: BOLT011
Tracks: Standing still speaker
A question of timing
Little gift

Manmade Nature

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REVIEW of "Manmade Nature" EP
Electronic Desert - 26/02/05

"The 1st track on the EP has solid beat and assorted layered synthetic sounds in harmony. The 2nd track “Milk” is pure bliss based on feather light beats, clever panning and synthetic sounds washing in like a mild summer rain. All accompanied by a guitar floating around in the background and a vocal sample. Terrific atmosphere and I don’t even like milk.

The 3rd track “A question of timing” sets another mood and has hesitant percussions and played bassline to go. The beat takes on house like form and gives the track forward movement, but the bassline never leaves their side. The 4th track “Little Gift” would find it’s place in any nursery and has the sweetest of melodies, but wait their some foreign elements in this nursery song: glitch. Wisely distributed though, wouldn’t want to upset the little ones and yes we get lovely strings too.

The conclusion: a nice track and another great release by Mint..."

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REVIEW of "Manmade Nature" EP
Tesselate - 20/02/05

""Standing still" drops a smile rich melody from the very beginning and backs it up with sweeping and eye catching charm that is backed up by a drumbeat that although thudding in its makeup is rhythmic and programmed to the highest degree. The whole track feels like an introduction to a story, with a flyby over the entire landscape that the whole thing will unfold on, pure quality throughout."

"Manmade Nature ep is another superb release... this is another must hear release from Mint."

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REVIEW of "Manmade Nature" EP
Igloomag - 12 Feb 05
(Part of a review combo/feature)

"Mint returns with yet another EP on Manmade Nature, the extravagant sounds of post-modern electronica. Rather than focusing on the minimalism featured on the Audubon EP, Mint allows his beats to grow on their own --meshing threaded moments of faded memories next to syncopated beats that has a Boards of Canada feel. Remaining true to form and function Manmade Nature hints at nature inspired by human interaction. The focus of such an EP seems genuinely procured by a mission to produce emotive, inspirational moments. And it does just that. By pouring the inner details of the soul and mixing them with electronic production, Mint has produced an EP that fans of Suction Records may really enjoy. "

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REVIEW of "Manmade Nature" EP
EtherReal - 31 Dec 04 (translated from original French review)
"Developing, in the first two tracks, a cheerful melody and strong upbeat electronica, Murray Fisher confirms with this EP all that one thought of him at the end of Sutemos compilation: rhythmic and finely carved melodies, accessible backdrops, neat construction of each piece and harmonious use of the vocoder. Obviously, this kind of disc won't revolutionise our vision of melodic electronica, but it conveys quality from start to finish. Also comfortable within a less happy framework, MINT gives us, in A Question of Timing, electronica with darker themes (absence of bright melody, a more distressed structure, darker beats) but which does not weary the listener. Lastly, to close this short EP, the British artist delivers a track with soft tones plus a melancholic feel, once again, to prove his ease with various kinds of melodic electronica."

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REVIEW of "Manmade Nature" EP
Untitledmusic - 06 Dec 04
"Mellow electronic label Boltfish continue their stunning form with this latest EP. Opening with ‘Standing Still’ it’s instantly soothing and chilled. Wide-open sound scapes, gentle keys and a sizzling electronica crackle under the surface. ‘Milk’ has a touch of Orbitals ‘Belfast’ to it, simmering moods and relaxing vibes all the way. ‘A question of timing’ and ‘Little Gift’ continue in a similar vein. It’s another fabulous release from Boltfish, turn the lights off and put this beauty on the CD player and drift away into a world of soothing calm."

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