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Some snippets of reviews are shown below. If you ever come across something about MINT's music, good or bad, why not let him know. If you're a journalist or writer and would like to write a review, article or huge book about MINT (maybe with big colour pictures and large writing) then he'd also love to hear from you!

Also see reviews alongside each solo release.

EXCERPT REVIEW of "Shine (Mint Remix)" - Intelligent Toys 5
A Strangely Isolated Place

" Not only is this remix of Ulrich Schnauss absolutely stunning, MINT’s other productions are also very nice indeed."

EXCERPT REVIEW of "Chasing Shadows " - U-Cover Mix 03

"Mint's “Chasing shadows,” takes the stage. The song is so sublime, one presumes Mint set out to create the most heavenly piece imaginable. Over the course of eight glorious minutes, silken synths voice stately, ever-intensifying themes alongside a slow bass melody's processional pulse. Don't miss the climax either when the gates open, revealing the blinding lights emanating from within."

EXCERPT REVIEW of "Queasy" - One Point Two

"Boltfish head Mint's (Murray Fisher) opener “Queasy,” a fast electro-tribal ride through a neon-lit metropolis, bodes well for the journey ahead..."

EXCERPT REVIEW of "Queasy" - One Point Two
Electronic Desert

"...the perfect lush opening for a 14-track session of contemporary electronics."

EXCERPT REVIEW of "Clear Little Vision " - Sound Compilation V1.0

"Précisément, c'est Murray Fisher qui ouvre les débats avec Clear Little Vision où sa science mélodique fait à nouveau merveille, servie par des sonorités immédiatement reconnaissables et une ambiance lyrico-enfantine."
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EXCERPT REVIEW of "Life in Widescreen" - Steve Lawler - Viva

"...Things only really begin to get interesting on CD3, with tracks like Life in Widescreen, by Mint, and Tube Tech’s The End (in chillout mix form)."

EXCERPT REVIEW of "Life in Widescreen" - Steve Lawler - Viva
IReallyLoveMusic - July 2006

"I loved the pure simplicity of the grooves, with modern synthetic ambience, massive widescreen productions and the deeper than deep beats and bass lines.

I didn’t have to care about the vocals, there aren’t any, nor do i have to respect the variety in cutting edge production, styles etc. tis just a great set of pounding machine made noises (sometimes not so pounding) that work really well. no weird experimetal laptop crunching, no major sonic twists and turns, and so the mix became a wonderful addition to the current pile to work to."

EXCERPT REVIEW of "Outdubstarn - (mint's octane remix)" - CHEjU - Partition
Electronic Desert - May 2006

"The fifth and last track is “Outdubstarn (Mint’s Octane Remix)” as the title suggests a remix by Boltfish’s very own Mint. His remix sets a different mood and could very well have been included on the soundtrack of Carpenter’s Escape from New York if it had been around at the time."

EXCERPT REVIEW of "Outdubstarn - (mint's octane remix)" - CHEjU - Partition
Losing Today - 20th May 2006
"The atmospheric soundscapes and subtle house / club overlays hinted within are coaxed seductively to the fore by a superbly scored remix of the same track by Mint."

EXCERPT REVIEW of "Asunder" - Soundtrack for your Wedding
Etherreal - May 2006
Translated from Original French Review
"At the melody border between electronica-shoegazing and electronica, MINT acts with delicacy using small crystalline notes and textures amongst electronic winds and noises of water jets."

REVIEW of "Hidden Place " - MINT, Ochre, Calika and Millicent LIVE in Sheffield, UK
Angry Ape- MARCH 2006
"One would be forgiven for thinking that electronica is a bit of a niche, that the people who like electronica don't particularly go out, and therefore a night devoted exclusively to electronica would fall flat on its face. Hidden Place proves the doubters wrong and pulls out a more than half decent crowd for an evening held as part of Sheffield Lovebytes festival.

Artists playing consist of Boltfish and Audiobulb signings, two wonderful little labels who specialise in some of the best organic electronica around right now, and there's been an awful lot of it to wade through recently. Bands signed to these labels are clearly very carefully chosen and tonight does nothing to expel that belief, with all artists being consistent in sound and creativity.

Mint opens, and primes the crowd for some heavier beats with subtly layered, free flowing electronics, where sounds blossom and fill the expectant room with a satisfied air. Ochre pulls out some beautiful high end melodics and layers some deep bass beats to smack us round the face with before Calika snaps up handfuls of glitches and crackles, pops scissor sampled beats all over the shop, then sprinkles over tin foil clicks and cuts, setting the whole lot off with the silky ruins of some muted found sounds.

Millicent closes, and impressively so too, with warm electronic layers and an extra kick of broken beats, sporadic beeps and sonic whirrings, like a double whisky in your cocoa, he keeps the tired crowd warm on the cold walk home."

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A raft of reviews (in French) from Etherreal

EXCERPT REVIEW of "Sleeping Giant " - Mercury Scales
Igloomag - 19/08/05

"... And just when you thought those feelings (of an emotional tear-jerker) would infinitely continue, Mint brushes them with "Sleeping Giant" a sensitive ambient piece that mechanically exhibits peace and tranquility within seconds."

EXCERPT REVIEW of "Shoes too big for her feet " - Blue Chair, Red Chair
Electronic Desert - 18/05/05

"Mint's "Shoes too Big for Her Feet" deliver warm sounds and healthy beats, well balanced and very enjoyable.."
" The recommendation is to track down CCD and buy the compilation now."

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EXCERPT REVIEW of "Shoes too big for her feet " - Blue Chair, Red Chair
Tesselate - 10/04/05

"Mint lets you into a secret story, lined with memory inducing sounds and cinematic cotton wool people..."

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REVIEW of "When I was yours" - Intelligent Toys 2
EtherReal - 13 Nov 04 (translated from original French review)
"The other great discovery of compilation is Mint. With his electronica with the pseudo-childish melodies and the attaching pulsations, the Englishman allures us instantaneously..."
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REVIEW of "When I was yours" - Intelligent Toys 2
Igloomag - 10 Nov 04
"A path paved with candies and sugary icing leads the way to Mint’s “When I Was Yours,” probably the most playful electronic track ever written."

REVIEW of"Growing Older" - Region Zero
Avantfolk - October 04

"melodic and classic IDM"

REVIEW of "Growing Older" - Region Zero
Tesselate Mag - 12 Sept 04

" Mint's "Growing Older" takes us back to the days of exploration, with this awe inspiring track, full of new horizons and telephonic murmurings that develop into an almost honey like flow of machined percussion, that just cannot fail to excite your brain. Quality."

REVIEW of "Growing Older" - Region Zero
Igloomag - 09 Sept 04

"Nature buzzes w/ the pulse of classical electricity."

REVIEW of "Growing Older" - Region Zero
Sutemos - September 04

"really beautiful"

Artist of the Month, August 2004 - click here to read

REVIEW of "Dorothy's song" - January 2004

"Light hearted, tripped out track. Carefree feel to the track, kind of childlike..."

REVIEW of "Albert the Bull" - Machinations V4.2 - October 2003
track of the week: 5th jan 04 - 11th Jan 04
top 10 track for November 04

"Quirky breaks driven track with nursery rhyme styled melodies and strange effected vocal snippets. Original and fresh."

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