Winter North Atlantic

Winter North Atlantic is the music of Ed Carter, bringing together live acoustic instrumentation, analogue synths, stumbling rhythms, and dissonant melodies.

The first Winter North Atlantic album, 'Load Line', was referred to as being 'packed with duvet-snug melodies... an album for headphone escapism' [The Wire]. Drawing primarily on electronic influences, and recorded on 8 audio tracks, this release set the tone for WNA's dusty, lo-fi sound. The follow-up release, the 'Mercator' ep reflected a move towards greater live instrumentation, whilst retaining the abstract loops of 'Load Line', and received comparisons as diverse as Ry Cooder and RJD2.

This led to a collaboration with Animat (Big Chill Recordings), producing a live rescore for the animated feature film Belleville Rendezvous, which premiered at the Big Chill Festival, and went on to a sold out tour of UK independent cinemas. Since then, he has produced several remixes for the likes of Bracken (Anticon), The Gentleman Losers (Buro/CCO), Digitonal (Just Music), Mint (Boltfish), Animat (Big Chill Recordings), The Declining Winter (Home Assembly), Tombee (Jack to Phono), Tunng (Full Time Hobby) and others.

During 2009, a side project recording sounds created by meteor showers has seen performances at the Green Man festival, and a new commission for Wunderbar Festival later in 2009.
Winter North Atlantic is also working on FLOW, a collaborative project with artists’ collective Owl Project that has been selected as the North East winner of a £500,000 commission by Arts Council England and London 2012. This environmentally sustainable floating water-wheel and interactive artspace on the River Tyne will be one of the major projects for the London 2012 Cultural Olympiad.

The second Winter North Atlantic album, 'A Memento for Dr. Mori' released on Boltfish Recordings in October 2009, continued the progression towards live performance, and a greater diversity of layered, natural sounds.

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