Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of faqs. If you can't find an answer to your query here or elsewhere on the website then please contact us.

What style of music does Boltfish Recordings release?

Details of the Boltfish style are given in the label page, but in short we consider electro, idm, glitch, electro-acoustic and some atmospheric compositions. If you're still uncertain, listen to our previous releases - they'll give you an idea.

Is Boltfish Recordings seeking new artists?

We're currently NOT on the look out for new artists and are not accepting demos.

Where can I buy Boltfish Recordings releases?

All our releases are available to buy (from this site, through some online and physical shops and via all major digital download services including iTunes, MSN, Rhapsody, Beatport etc). Physical releases are available on CD, normally in limited edition. View the "shop" page for more details. We also release some material via the Internet, free of charge.

Where should I send my demo?

Please send your demo to another label. We are NOT accepting new demos.

I've sent a demo but I haven't heard back from you... why?

Please read the previous FAQ. We will not respond to your demo.

I want to review a Boltfish release - Can I obtain a CD of it?

Yes, for review purposes we can send out promo CDs or send MP3s at special request. Please contact us for further details.

Does Boltfish give out free records/CDs to anyone else?

Sorry, No. We're not in the business of giving out free items such as this unless from a recognised reviewer.

But I'm so poor/a student - I can't afford to buy music. Can you send something just this once?

Again, no. If you can't afford to buy one of our releases, why not download some of the FREE releases we have instead.

I have a website, will you link to me?

You may contact us with your details for consideration but we do not add links to our website if we do not receive a reciprocal link, or if your site content is not deemed suitable for our audience. See contact page for details of who to send requests to.

I run a night/event and wish to book a Boltfish artist to play live.
Do you do this?

Yes, our artists all play live gigs. Please contact us for further details.

Do Boltfish artists remix other artist tracks or work to commissioned briefs?

Yes, most Boltfish artists will consider remix & collaboration proposals and/or briefs for specified projects. Please contact us if you have something in mind.

Are Boltfish tracks available for licensing on compilations, or for corporate use/advertising?

Yes, many tracks from our extensive catalogue are available for licensing. Please contact us for more details.

Do Boltfish license tracks from other labels?

No, we don't.

I am a VJ/video producer/animator - Can Boltfish use my services?

If you're a video producer/film-maker and are interested in producing visuals/videos to accompany Boltfish releases please feel free to send us a demo/showreel or contact us to discuss your ideas. Being a non-profit venture we chiefly offer publicity for you and your work alongside our music in return for your film-making efforts as well as the rights to distribute your finished work as part of your own showreel using our music (subject to approval).

Can Boltfish employ me as an intern or paid staff?

No, we have no need for any additional staff, gophers, dogsbodies or other roles, paid or unpaid. Thankfully our tea-making skills are second to none.