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Z-arc is the electronica production project of Kris Derry.

His music is a careful deployment of analogue-style synths, atmospheric padding and processed beats. Mostly ethereal and melodic, occasionally industrial and gritty, frequently multi-textured.

During the 90's he played live keyboards in a number of pop-rock groups and DJ'd with a battered old MC303 whilst developing his own style of hardware sequencing and arrangements for solo work. These days he's a huge advocate of virtual studio technology, enabling him to finetune and nail down any sonic creation that might have otherwise escaped.

Z-arc has had his music released on solo ep's and various compilations through netlabels Octoberman Recordings & Clickclickdrone since 2005, plus a credited remix on Patchwork by Boltfish Recordings

He's also been involved with an arts funded project to score contemporary electronic music for the Minnesota Ballet Company in conjunction with London based choreographer Donna Schoenherr.

Releases, Compilations & Remixes on Boltfish