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helloMint is a composer and producer. His real name is Murray Fisher and he was born some time during the 1970s. At the tender age of six he began learning the piano. He is now co-owner of Boltfish Recordings and he also runs a design company and offshoot urban clothing label.

His music covers an eclectic range of genres; usually electronic, and always using carefully crafted melody as a common thread. His production and composition often delves into the style of nursery-rhyme tunes accompanied by stuttering beats and atmospheres or heartfelt cinematic compositions.

Solo releases and compilation tracks have appeared on various labels including The Ministry of Sound, Duotone Records (Japan), LacedMilk, Kahvi, Raw42 Music, Yuki Yaki, Elpa, Cold Room, October Man, ClickClickDrone, Aerotone, Rednetic, U-Cover and others.

MINT also makes tunes with Boltfish co-owner CHEjU under the name of "Biotron Shelf".

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